Recycling groups create global coalition to harmonize testing

Called the Global Plastics Outreach Alliance, the group wants to “serve as a coordinated industry voice to create a global plastics protocol,” organizers said.

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Groups unveil $150 million investment fund to fight plastic ocean pollution

The environmental group Ocean Conservancy and the plastics and consumer products industries unveiled plans Oct. 4 for a $150 million investment fund to target plastic marine litter in Southeast Asia, one of the world's hotspots for such pollution.

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Plastics, sustainability and the bottle recycling blind spot

By its own admission, the Plastics Industry Association was not an early adopter of sustainability. Patty Long, the executive vice president of the Washington-based group, said it didn't see how sustainability fit into its core mission of helping sell more plastics.

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European recycled film quality impacted by degradable plastics

Waste streams in Southern Europe pose a quality issue in films with recycled content production due to a higher share of degradable plastics, according to the latest release by Plastics Recyclers Europe.

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Swindon council backs ‘plastics into oil’ technology

Swindon-based firm, Recycling Technologies Ltd, has announced that it has raised £5 million in funding and is now looking for further sites for its ‘breakthrough’ chemical recycling machine.

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Recycling Technologies looking for new site to install recycling machine

UK’s Recycling Technologies is looking for new sites to install its "breakthrough" chemical recycling machine, which turns residual plastic waste back into oil.

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